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Domestic Price List and Price Calculator

These prices are effective from 23rd September 2013 and are subject to change without prior notice.


  Pillow Cases 70p


  Sheet £2.00
  Duvet Cover £2.00


  Sheet £2.50
  Duvet Cover £2.50

King Size

  Sheet £3.00
  Duvet Cover £3.00

Super King (or Queen) Size

  Sheet £3.50
  Duvet Cover £3.50


  Apron £1.30
  Cloths/Dusters 70p
  Curtains (each) £10.00
  Flannel 70p
  Handkerchief 70p
  Napkins 70p
  Tablecloth £2.00
  Tea Towel 70p
  Towel - Hand 80p
  Towel - Bath £1.50

Adult Clothes

  Shirts £1.20
  Polo shirts £1.20
  T-shirts £1.20
  Top £1.20
  Jumpers £1.20
  Cardigans £1.20
  Waistcoat £1.20
  Tie 70p
  Trousers £1.20
  Shorts £1.20
  Dresses £1.20
  Skirts £1.20
  Pyjama top £1.20
  Pyjama bottoms £1.20
  Nightdress/nightshirt £1.20
  Underwear 70p
  Socks (pair) 70p
  Coat/jacket £2.00
  Scarf £1.00

Children's Clothes

  Any label that states the child's age or height 70p

Please see Domestic Areas Covered for details of the minimum order value for your area.